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GIGER MD® Therapy
for Paraplegia

GIGER MD® therapy opens up new perspectives in case of paraplegia. Find out more about the treatment successes!

GIGER MD® Therapy – New Hope in Case of Paraplegia

The paraplegia diagnosis is a heavy blow for those affected as well as their immediate environment. Until recently, the accompanying limitations were considered irreversible.

GIGER MD® therapy gives many of those who are affected by paraplegia or quadriplegia the opportunity to improve or partially recover their vegetative, sensory and motor functions. With their help, the quality of life of those affected can be improved significantly – with the aid of a completely pain-free and gentle training with sophisticated therapy instruments. At the same time, the training reduces the risk of complications and severe subsequent damages.

With the aid of regular therapy, new neural connections can be created

In recent years, scientific studies have shown: An injured central nervous system (CNS) can be partially repaired. Byrelearningit possible to create new neural connections and partially relearn long-lost functions – such as walking.

This is even possible in case of severe neuronal diseases or injuries such as paraplegia. Precisely coordinated, rhythmic movements that stimulate the reorganization of the central nervous system are key. The GIGER MD® therapeutic tools are not comparable with any other conventional therapies in regards to their intensity and effectiveness in this area.

Gentle, efficient and painless –GIGER MD® Therapy

The training with GIGER MD® therapy instruments is feasible for anyone – after a short learning period in our therapy center, the training can even be completed at home. It is characterized by:

  • Harmonic movements in a dynamic equilibrium
  • The pleasant feeling of almost complete weightlessness
  • Absence of pain

The efficiency of regularly training with the GIGER MD® therapy equipment has been scientifically proven – even in seemingly “untreatable” cases.

Learn more about this Treatment!

Trial Therapy Session at Our Therapy Center

We offer a free trial therapy session in our treatment center in Switzerland to those that are interested. There, you will learn more about the basics and treatment prospects of GIGER MD® therapy and receive a personal consultation. You will also be given the opportunity to complete a trial therapy session for free and without any further obligations.

Contact us here for more information or sign up for a trial therapy session!

  • „ I am very happy with the GIGER MD Therapy device. I use it almost daily for at least one hour. My maneuverability improved already.”

  • “Our son has greatly improved his motor functions. For example, he is able to complete the transfer to the car almost without any help and he is able to stand, with bit of help. The therapists are very confident concerning the re-learning of his walking ability. He is scheduled for treadmill training. Whilst he is not able to move his legs completely coordinated, the automatism has already taken hold within him.”

  • “He has been using one of your machines at Courage Center in St.Paul MN USA but his insurance has run out. He thinks your machine has done more for him than anything else they’ve tried.”

  • „I can move my legs again and I have built some muscles in my stomach, at my back and in my legs. My balance is improved and I can feel my body again. I am able to sweat on my whole body and my skin improved amazingly.”

  • „I can honestly say that I have pedaled my legs awake with the GIGER MD medical device.”

  • „Today, I can rightly say that the acquisition of the device was one of the best investments I made for my health and the quality of my life.”

  • „I’ve just had a visit from my neuro-physiotherapist. She hasn’t seen me since before we had the GIGER MD medical device. She said I was looking so much better and my posture was very good now. She said that if she didn’t know, she wouldn’t have been able to tell what I was suffering from! I was so pleased. She thought the device was very good. Best wishes Daphne.“

  • „After only a few weeks of therapy, I was able to observe a lasting reduction of spasticity. At long last, I was able to sleep well again and was more balanced and bodily more flexible. Over time, this effect increased even more as the spasticity was reduced to an acceptable minimum of approximately ten percent of the original intensity.“

  • My posture got more stright and my gait got faster.

    The biggest succes with the GIGERMD Therapy is, that I am still not needing any Parkinson’s medication and my health has not declined.“


GIGER MD® therapy improves the quality of life

In case of neurological diseases and injuries. Contact us here!

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