Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

With the aid of GIGER MD® therapy, paralysis can be treated successfully. Learn more about this type of therapy!

Treatment of Paraplegia and Tetraplegia with GIGER MD® Training Instrumentsy

For a long time, injuries of the central nervous system (CNS) were considered non-repairable and lost functions were thus considered irrevocably lost. Today, we know that it is possible to reorganize the CNS by way of a targeted therapy. This allows for an improvement of the motor and mental functions or the possibility of regaining them to a certain extent. For those affected by paraplegia, this may mean that they can regain the ability to walk.

With the aid of the GIGER MD® therapy equipment, successes in this field have proven to be possible, with which conventional therapies cannot compete.

Reorganizing the Central Nervous System – The Basic Principle of GIGER MD® Therapy

GIGER MD® therapy aims to reprogram the brain/ spinal cord to embrace new movement patterns. It is based on the following scientific findings:

  • In case of an injury to the CNS, the frequency- and phase-coordinated firing of neurons that is central to the self-organization of the CNS is partially lost
  • By relearning coordinated rhythmic movements, this lost phase and frequency coordination can be relearned
  • As such, the injured CNS can be stimulate to reorganize itself

By relearning, any injured central nervous system can significantly improve in its functions. As such, a restoration of physiological functions is possible even in case of severe neural injury or disease.

The Key to Success – GIGER MD® Therapy Instruments

GIGER MD® therapeutic tools are unmatched in their success in the treatment of neuronal injuries. This is due to their unprecedented intensity (up to 30,000 joint movements in 20 minutes) and accuracy in the phase and frequency coordination.

Therein, the training the with GIGER MD® therapy equipment is characterized by the following features:

  • Free from pain and fatigue
  • The body is in an almost weightless state
  • The training is feasible for anyone at home
  • Modern software records the training and continuously indicates the progress

New Hope Even in Severe Cases

For those affected by paraplegia or quadriplegia, GIGER MD® therapy offers unprecedented new opportunities to reclaim part of their mobility and to reduce the adverse effects of paralysis. A life in a wheelchair is not necessarily the only alternative!

Find out more about GIGER MD® therapy or arrange for a free trial therapy session!

GIGER MD® therapy improves the quality of life

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